Want to be a part of our vision?

Learnbird Labs appreciates your first step towards joining our vision. We openly welcome you to be a part of this exciting journey. Below we have provided answers to some common FAQs in order to justify why your contribution is important for us.

Who can become an expert?

Any individual having in-depth knowledge and skills on a particular domain of our curriculum are openly invited to be an expert with Learnbird Labs. We just require 3 simple assurances on your side:

  1. A great amount of enthusiasm towards spreading knowledge.
  2. Dedicated skill sets and expertise in a particular domain.
  3. Commitment of delivering and developing the best of the possibilities.

Which course to teach?

We give you the freedom of choosing your domain of comfort from our specified list of curriculum. Browse through the list of courses uploaded in our website and feel free to go ahead with the one of your choice.

What will be my earning?

A structured course fee for each individual course has been formulated by our team according to which the salaries of the experts have also been calculated. Once you register with us as an expert, you’ll be provided with all the details. We assure you that your contributions are valuable to us and will be rewarded well.

What is the primary teaching method?

Learnbird Labs focusses on both online and offline modes of teaching. While our offline programme aims in establishing an efficient classroom teaching facility, our online programme is dedicated towards both student and expert convenience.
We have facility for conducting live interactive virtual classrooms. Throughout a course, a student has to go through several assignments, tests and other knowledge enhancing assessments which are to be conducted and assessed by the experts.

What are the classroom programmes available?

There are three classroom programmes available on our platform – Online live classroom programme, Blended learning programme and Offline classroom programme. The details of all the programmes are easily available on our website.

Benefits of working with Leanbird Labs

Learnbird Labs has established this programme with the vision of imparting quality education to the young minds. Through this platform, we also offer the experts all around us to stand a chance in spreading their knowledge to farthest corners possible, and at the same time earn their deserved credits and achievements. Our team always has a single dream – “Educate More, Achieve More”. We heartily welcome you to be a part of this initiative by joining Learnbird Labs.

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